This Museum is Coming to Chatham County!

Pittsboro is getting an exciting new addition this year: An art museum dedicated to showing off the talent in Chatham County! Sign up to attend the fundraiser this March to participate in the action.

About the museum:

The Small Museum of Folk Art in Pittsboro (or the “Small Museum” for short) is set to be home to more than 400 pieces of folk and visionary art that have been collected over the past 40 years. The museum is the property of Small Street B&B Cafe, but it will function as a 501c3 organization whose mission is “To educate, inform, inspire and interact with the community and visitors through art.”

Details: The museum will be located at the corner of Small and East St. on the property of the Small B&B Café. The restaurant’s goal is to break ground in the early part of 2015.

They even have a Facebook page, if you want to check them out!

Small Street B&B: Have you heard about Small Street B&B? It’s a nicely-priced breakfast and lunch cafe that offers the popular “farm-to-table” cuisine, including delicious made-from-scratch soups and sandwiches (and this yummy asparagus and red pepper salad!). Currently, close to 60% of everything that goes into a meal at the Small Street Cafe comes from local farmers and suppliers. They also offer a child- and pet-friendly bed and breakfast with unique rooms, including this one, called “The Woodshed”:

Come support the museum:

Small Street B&B is hosting a fundraiser for the museum later in March. To provide this much art, they’re going to need some help financially at first. The owners have a goal to raise $100,000.

Tickets are currently on sale for the event, which will include a pig roast, music, dancing and art raffle! They’ve got some great art to raffle too, including this unique piece donated by John Sperry:

If you need another reason to attend (As if you’d need another reason…), Fair Game Beverage Company (I blogged about them here) is having their spirit release party the very next night. If you buy both tickets at the same time and get 25% off! $15 off the total of $60 for both tickets and a killer weekend!!

Lastly, Small Street is also be looking for skilled craftsmen, donated materials, and any other forms of assistance for the museum. If you know anyone, you should definitely pass the information along here!

Other shoutouts:

Carolina Brewery: I also wanted to give a shoutout to Carolina Brewery, which is just up the road in Chapel Hill. The Triangle’s oldest brewery just turned 20! Congrats on such a long run of success!

Tobacco Road Marathoners: Lastly, I wanted to wish everyone GOOD LUCK if you’re doing the Tobacco Road Marathon this weekend! One of the best things about Chatham County is that it’s just minutes from the American Tobacco Trail System, which connects the Triangle through some great running and biking paths. If you’re traveling from out of town this weekend, feel free to explore Chatham County. I’ve blogged about the options here, here and here.

Photo Credit: Small Museum of Folk Art Facebook Page