Ready, Set, List

Is now the right time to get your home on the spring market? If not, how do you know when that time will be? By observing the unique character of your home and its attributes, there is a much greater chance the next prospective buyer that walks through the door will notice as well. The work does pay off! Grab your checklist – maybe a broom too – and make sure your list matches your new listing!

Your Home as a Stage:

Sure, it may not be Broadway, but you do have an audience to impress. Firstly, the set must be built, and this may mean stowing away a few of your personal possessions along the way. Start with neutral backdrops, or paint colors, that are simple and will appeal to a wide audience. Take neon off the palette and add in beiges, whites and grays to name a few. The color beige can be a great benefit in making entryway spaces seem more inviting and warm.

If taking on your entire home is a bit too much, focus your staging energy on spaces that are immediately visible from the doorway, such as the dining room, living room or kitchen. Once you have tackled those crucial spaces, then attend to the media room, secondary bedrooms or secondary bathrooms.

Now that the paint has dried, channel your inner HGTV superstar with a few of these top recommended staging items:

  • Faux-fur throws and ball-shaped pillows
  • Cowhide, especially zebra print
  • Baskets
  • Metal bowls, planters and candlesticks
  • Graphic black and white pillows

Move the Mess:

Keep it simple and cut the clutter. For rooms that serve as storage spaces, transform them with a cozy armchair or a lamp. Repurpose unconventional areas into reading nooks, exercise spaces or simply places to lounge. Still not sure what to do with the mess? Set a general rule for any new item that comes into the house, one has to leave.

Professional stagers recommend minimal furnishings to ensure that your home looks as spacious as possible. Take a look around and determine what you can and cannot function without. In certain cases, use decorative boxes to contain essential personal items.

Try not to hide it all in the closet, as those spaces should be cleaned out as well to highlight available storage spaces.

Stay Neutral:

When assessing your personal belongings and furnishings, think of a model home. Any political, religious or familiar momentos should be stored away. In their place, maybe a vase of freshly cut flowers? A buyer’s focus should be on the home, not on refrigerator magnets, family photos or bowling trophies.

Keep it Clean:

With neutrality should come cleanliness. No buyer wants to walk into a dirty home. Pay extra attention to light or brass fixtures that could use an extra scrubbing. In the kitchen, store small appliances in cabinets and leave only a spotless countertop. Rusted sinks should be replaced or touched up for that extra sparkling effect.

Just because it’s outside, doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned. Remove stains and dirt from the garage floors and all exterior windows. Outdoor furniture should be as inviting as their indoor counterparts.

Above all, get rid of those odors and light a few candles! You’ll thank yourself later.

Seller Inspection Checklist:

Everything seems to be in place. Your home is almost ready to hit the market! Use the Seller Inspection Checklist, provided by Home Inspection Carolina, to cross the preparation finish line.

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Julie Roland