Best of Chatham: D. Walsh Construction Co.

We’re starting the month of May off strong with another addition to our Best of Chatham series. The spotlight is shining on Chatham County’s very own D. Walsh Construction Co. One of their most recent projects involved the building of the Roland’s personal residence, so they come highly recommended. If you are in the area of Chatham, Orange, Alamance and Wake counties, your next construction project needs the touch of D. Walsh Construction! 

The D. Walsh Construction Co. Promise:

Since their founding in 1998, their staff has promoted the promise of providing the highest quality in custom homes and commercial construction. Superior customer service, competitive pricing, latest building technologies and expertise are all the components needed to set you and your future home up for success. Their family business is dedicated to your needs, your expectations and your home. 

Founder Dan Walsh spent a few years in New York City renovating corporate offices before establishing D. Walsh Construction. His relationships with subcontractors, hands-on work ethic and cost-effective strategies have won seven awards in the Parade of Homes in Chatham, Orange and Durham counties. His wife Nancy manages financial operations and business development for the company.   

What’s more? Their commitment to building sustainably is evident in their green building initiative. Building green means designing and constructing buildings that enhance the wellbeing of its inhabitants, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment at the same time. Benefits of green buildings include creating a healthier environment, involving energy and water efficient technologies, the integration of recycled materials, reduced construction waste and longer lasting construction with a higher resale value. Sounds pretty great to us! 

Walsh Construction recognizes the importance of fostering healthy indoor environments, especially now that so many are working from the comfort of home. They note that in the methods of traditional construction, indoor environments can be far more polluted than the outdoors, due to building materials and poor light quality. Building green combats the harm that construction places on the environment, as buildings consume 40% of the world’s total energy, 25% of its wood harvest and 16% of its water, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Center for Sustainable Development. 

Project Expertise:

If it’s new construction, renovations or commercial projects, D. Walsh Construction has the tools needed, quite literally, they have all the tools. Here’s a few areas of their expertise: exterior, kitchens, baths, interiors, entries and details. Looking for some inspirations? They have photos galore of past projects, all available for your perusing

Now that you have a better idea of what you are looking for, how do you get started? Well, the process is simple. At D. Walsh Construction, they recognize that the process becomes more of a journey when it comes to making an investment in your home. In your first planning meeting, you’ll share your wish list with their team, who will begin designing spaces with your ideas in mind. If you already own a lot, they’ll tag along for a walk-through. 

It’s time for the designing and building! D. Walsh Construction will work with you to select an architect, equipping you with their recommendations. The architect and team at D. Walsh Construction will then collaborate on building plans, construction schedules and budgeting. Once they’ve broken ground and placed the finishing touches, the keys are yours. 

Available Homes:

Explore some of their available homes or submit a contact form to learn more about how to get started.