Herd What’s Going On?

It may be early in the week, but we have our sights set on the weekend. Friday is closer than it was yesterday! This Saturday, January 29, Chatham County is honoring some of its favorite inhabitants, animal wildlife. A biodiverse region, Pittsboro’s Starrlight Mead and Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge are hosting events to showcase some of the many species that call North Carolina home. Get to know your neighbors, even the ones with feathers or hooves!

Starrlight Mead:

Courtesy of CLAWS, Inc.

For those of you have visited Starrlight Mead before, you probably sipped your mead in the company of other humans. It’s time to switch things up. The meadery is inviting some of their winged friends to spend the afternoon with you. That’s right, Starrlight Mead presents A Visit with Friends – CLAWS. After a long hiatus from visiting with the public, CLAWS is back at Starrlight Mead and is bringing owls, hawks and the famous Grip the Raven along with them. On Saturday, January 29 from noon until 4 p.m., sip and squawk along with the guests of honor.

CLAWS, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of North Carolina wildlife. A volunteer-led organization, education programs and rehabilitation services are housed in North Carolina, while their exotic animal rescue operation takes place across the country. Since 2004, the organization has educated thousands of people and rescue thousands of wild and exotic animals, maintaining the importance of wild habitats for the animals they rescue. Wild animals, born in the wild, are encouraged to continue living in their wild environments. Wild animals, born in captivity, are helped to live out their lives as best as they possibly can in captivity, while keeping the humans that care for them at a safe distance.

Each educational program, including Starrlight Mead’s upcoming event, will consist of four to six animals, varying in species. Learn about the animals’ natural habitat, environmental adaptations, behavioral traits, dietary needs, scientific classification and status in the wild. Learn how to cohabitate with these animals in harmony, meeting with them firsthand. Next time you’re asked a question about these birds, you’ll be over-quail-ified to answer!

And since its ~cocktiel~ hour, don’t forget to order a glass of mead! Starrlight Mead offers a variety of meads, from semi-sweet to sweet in flavor. Mead flavors vary by location and by season!

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge:

Courtesy of Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

A non-profit organization, the Refuge rescues farm animals in need while educating the public about the inhumane nature of factory farms and the benefits of veganism. After living through the cruelties of neglect and abuse, these animals now live and roam peacefully on 16 acres of pasture and woods. On Saturday, January 29 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., join the Tour & Explore at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge event!

Purchase your tickets in advance and arrive any time after 11 a.m. for a self-guided tour of the Refuge. Once you have your colorful map of the grounds in hand, navigate the woods and fields, meeting goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys along the way. Have questions on your journey? Guides will be onsite to assist! Ask them about a particular animal or about how you can become more involved in supporting the Refuge. Move at your own pace on the tour, keeping a safe distance from other parties in following COVID-19 protocols. Before you ~duck~ out, stop by the curved brick animal memorial and the gift shop!

Visitors are encouraged to bring their cameras to take photographs and share them on social media. Animal treats will be provided, please do not bring any food from home!

See You This Weekend:

And that’s a wrap, we’ll see you at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in the early afternoon and for a glass of mead later in the day!