Monterrane – the Neighborhood for Nature Lovers

“Kayaking on Jordan Lake” by S. Fenton via a Flickr Creative Commons license.

Pittsboro, NC – One of the things I love best about living in Monterrane is being surrounded by nature.

So Close to Jordan Lake

First of all, being so close to Jordan Lake, birds and wildlife are in an abundance you don’t see in most Triangle neighborhoods. No, we don’t get too many bobcats and bears, but you’ll see plenty of owls and herons and hear all kinds of woodpeckers regularly. The woods are full of surprises – everyday the same, everyday different.

Bounded by the Haw River

On the other side of Monterrane is the Haw River, bubbling under 15-501 and then US-64 as it flows south into the lake. Woods and farms fill the V between the river and the lake, creating an oasis of nature in a bustling metropolitan region.

Walking Trails and Parks

It seems like everybody in Monterrane has an ATV or a walking stick (or both). To gain access to the surrounding forest and preserve, Monterrane has numerous walking trails. One passes right through my backyard.

Monterrane also has a number of nice parks. There’s stuff for kids to do and generally good trailhead access.

Conservation Buffers

All the homes are surrounded by a conservation buffer. Parker’s Creek runs through the neighborhood and is also surrounded by a buffer.

The walking trails through the densely wooded community provide a peaceful, convenient escape. I love four-wheeling with my son. It’s a great way to start the day. There are several ways to connect through the neighborhood to the area’s horse trails and off-road tracks.

Monterrane photo by Hal Goodtree

Nature – The Everyday Benefit

There are a lot of unique and wonderful things about Monterrane. But, for me, living with nature and the great outdoors is a benefit I get to enjoy every single day.

More Info About Monterrane

If you’re interested in more info about Monterrane, please get in touch. I love my neighborhood and you might, too!

“Gull on Jordan Lake” by W. H. Majoros via a Flickr Creative Commons license.