Announcing: Julie Roland Realty

Pittsboro, NC – My friends and clients know that I am always up for a good adventure. Whether it’s skydiving, water skiing or horseback riding, a challenging endeavor always keeps me focused. Now, I’ve launched my own real estate company.

Announcing Julie Roland Realty Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I announce my newest adventure:  Julie Roland Realty, Inc.

I’ve enjoyed my time working for other real estate brokers, and I’ve learned a lot.  But now it’s time for me to strike out on my own and build my own independent company.

It’s Going to be a Great Day

Some months ago, I adopted the line “It’s going to be a great day” as my slogan. Maybe that was my first inkling that I was ready for my own business.

While others may see a real estate market that is full of gloom and doom, I see a land of opportunities. The buying and selling of houses is much more than a business – it is the fulfillment of dreams. Whether you are buying a home to start a family or selling one to retire near a golf course, my focus is on advancing your plan for your life.

Everyday, I have the opportunity to help someone fulfill their dreams. How great is that?

Only the Beginning

Starting a business is every bit as exciting as helicopter drop skiing, that’s for sure.

Many thanks to friends and colleagues in the Pittsboro business community for helping Julie Roland Realty get launched.

But this is only the beginning. Stay tuned as the adventure unfolds.

Get in Touch

From now on, you’ll find me here:

Julie Roland
Julie Roland Realty, Inc.

(919) 274-8004
Email: Julie Roland

11 replies
  1. Barbara Ewing
    Barbara Ewing says:

    Congratulations, Julie! How wonderful for you to be working for yourself after these many years. Are you working mainly from home? What’s your new address if you don’t mind sharing?

    Best of luck!!

    Barb and Phil

  2. Jerilyn Deyling
    Jerilyn Deyling says:

    Totally awesome! We are so glad for you as we’ve experienced firsthand your talents in this field. Love your style and positive outlook.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Gary & Jerilyn

  3. Donna Boyd
    Donna Boyd says:

    Julie, I wish you all the best in taking this leap of faith on your own. With your enthusiasm and hard work ethic, I know you will succeed.

    Congratulations on your new life adventure!

    Wishing you much success,

  4. Brad Walker
    Brad Walker says:

    Congratulations from a business owner to you and your new business. Every day will be different, challenging, and exciting. That is exactly why it is great! Please let me know if I can assist your business as a Home Inspector or as a General Contractor. City of Oaks will be celebrating 5 years as a business in March 2012. I am sure you will too!

    Have a great time!

    Brad Walker
    City of Oaks Home Inspections and General Contracting, LLC

  5. Julie Roland
    Julie Roland says:

    Thank you all for your kind words, support and help. I want to thank Hal Goodtree, Gary Kibler, and Cindy Poindexter just to name a few who have been there for me through this process.

  6. Rich and Kim Hill
    Rich and Kim Hill says:

    Hey Ms. Julie! We were so glad to see that you have now ventured out on your own. Congratulations! We know you will be successful and if we can help you in any way just give us a call! I will be more than happy to “drive” you around. Good Luck Ms. Julie!!!!

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