No Place like Home for the Holidays

Pittsboro, NC – Right now, your mindset may be on holiday presents, decorations and the perfect winter recipes, but you could be thinking about selling your house too! While the holiday season is a hectic time for everyone, it is also considered to be one of the best times to put your house on the market. Find out

Avoid the Competition

With all of the holiday mayhem going on, buyers are less likely to have the extra time to list their homes on the market. As supply decreases and demand remains present, make sure your home is one of the available properties that holiday shoppers are interested in. The lack of good inventory means that your
home will stand out!

In addition, there are so many great characteristics of the holiday season that make it a perfect time to shop and buy. Black Friday through Christmas brings in 50 to 100% more revenue compared to other shopping days, so why not take advantage of these staggering statistics in the real estate sector?
As the relatives come into town and load up their station wagons to tour the neighborhood lights, have your “For Sale” sign be the most attractive décor that they see.

Change Your Strategy

Is your home getting stale on the market? The New Year is a season for change, and that doesn’t just mean your haircut! It’s time to reassess your prices and your strategy. If you are serious about selling your home, consider making an impressive price reduction or any changes to your home that may increase the likelihood of its sale. Always consult a real estate agent before implementing either of these strategies.

If the holiday season is leaving your schedule a little too crammed, consider listing your home in January. Buyers who may have lost interest in the year prior will be facing a rejuvenated want to start looking again. New Year, new home! You may even see a few making the New Year’s resolution to own their own home!

Motivated Buyers

We’ve talked about all of the holiday mayhem and chaos that’s going on, meaning real estate shoppers who have the time to shop for a home are really and truly serious about buying. Whether they are looking for a new location to ring in the New Year or have yet to find what they are looking for in the past several months, this could be their time to find “the one.”

In regard to the hectic nature of the holiday season, assure buys that you can be flexible with your showing times and will work around their schedule to ensure that they receive all of the information that they need.

Holiday Decor

“Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays.” We’ve all heard this classical holiday song, now bring it to life with warm and cheery decorations. Worried about spending extra money on those decorations? Don’t worry; there are a plethora of homemade decorations that you can incorporate into your home on
a budget!

For example, you can use clothespins and string to hang your holiday cards along your staircase banister. Or use ornaments and colorful, glittery lightbulbs in an oversized bowl as a simple, yet festive, centerpiece. Not to mention, the front door can be an integral part of your decorating strategy. Avoid any bad first
impressions with a wintery doormat, lit outdoor trees or a homemade wreath! For more decorating ideas:

Growth of International Buyers

The traditional American mindset has always rotated the real estate calendar around the summertime. With the increased growth of international buyers, who do not necessarily follow our same calendar, their schedule may be more lenient towards house hunting during the winter season. When scheduling your showings and open houses during “vacation” periods, consider the increase of those vacationing in the United States as well as outside of the United States!

Increase in Online Shopping

While we may not being seeing the roads packed with snow and ice in North Carolina, some buyers are less likely to want to venture out in the cold and search for a home. This being the case, real estate internet searches are more likely to increase. If your home is advertised online the right way, expect to get some more positive attention than expected during the holiday season.