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A Day in the Life of Pittsboro

Whether you have lived in Pittsboro your entire life or are enjoying a weekend visit, your one-day bucket list won’t be complete without these destinations. The perfect getaway from anywhere in the Triangle area, Pittsboro welcomes you to revel in its rich history, culture and attractions. Who knows, maybe your daytime adventure will lead to planting roots in the area. We have houses for that!

Please leave a comment on any stops you would recommend for a local or an exploring visitor!

Chatham County Courthouse:

Located in the heart of downtown, the Chatham County Courthouse embodies the essence of Victorian era architecture. Built in 1881, these walls encapsulate many historical artifacts of great significance. Take a stroll through the Chatham Historical Museum onsite and learn about the monumental phases that came to shape Pittsboro. Each wall demonstrates a major theme, beginning with the historical timeline reflected on the west wall.

Hear the “Voices of Chatham” recount their stories of local heroism and special tributes to veterans on the north wall. The east wall captures the essence of churches, schools and social activities throughout the county. Finishing up at the south wall, gain perspective on life in Chatham County through its artifacts, including a chicken coop and rabbit gum.

Small Street B&B Cafe:

Taking the most coveted top spot on TripAdvisor, Small Street B&B ranks highest in culinary attractions for Pittsboro. Emphasizing farm to table dining practices, this B&B boasts a quaint place to stay the night or grab a bite to eat. Not only is it affordable, but you are welcome to bring the entire family, including your dog!

A visit to Small Street B&B means trying products from local farmers, tasting soup stocks that have been simmering for more than eight hours and learning about their waste reduction resources, including their solar water heater and cistern.

Looking for french toast or lemon ricotta hotcakes? They’ve got it all on the menu.

The Belted Goat:

Hopefully your travels will bring you to the Fearrington Village area, home to the Belted Goat. A casual spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is one featured item on the menu you can’t pass up – the coffee. Roasted onsite, their Fearrington blend is a perfect pairing with any one of their homemade baked goods. Did we mention that they roast 150 pounds of this stuff every week?

Don’t forget to raise your glass in their wine shop, stocked full of wine by the glass offerings, half and full cases and local beer. And if all of that isn’t enough, their pastry team is making and serving their own gelato in-house. From food, to coffee, to wine, to beer, to gelato, we think you’ll find something you enjoy!

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French Connections:

From Paris to Pittsboro, French Connections is bringing the antiquer in you a diverse selection of fabrics, table linens, arts and crafts from France, Mexico and 20 other African countries. Whether you are shopping for yourself or others, find something truly unique in a mask or wood carving, a fossil, a glass painting or jewelry. Dress your home in fine linens from around the world, African fabrics or specialty tea towels.

Supporting sustainable, ethically-traded global products, French Connections establishes international relationships with artists and small manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products. Shop online or in the Pittsboro store location!

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SilkHope Winery:

This Chatham-based, family-owned winery and vineyard is located in the heart of the Haw River Valley wine region. From one of the highest points in Chatham County, sip on any one of their award-winning wines surrounded by some of the most scenic views in the state. From Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc, Norton, Vidal Blanc to Traminette wine grapes, the elevation of the vineyard’s location makes prime location for harvesting.

Grab a glass of white, grab a glass of red or grab a glass of sparkling and “cheers” to a successful day in Pittsboro!

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