Spring in Your Step

Before you know it, you’ll have your feet propped up on the front porch with a glass of lemonade. Not a single jacket or scarf will be in sight. Although some of you may be just now taking down those holiday decorations, there’s a season around the corner that is also bringing much joy and light. Why not bring that springy feeling into your home?

Whether it is a simple change in color schemes or a new patio furniture set, bring out the beauty of this next season by accenting your home’s best features.

Pop of Non-Pastel:

When you think spring, your mind may go to those bleached Easter colors of lavender, lime and peach. If your color taste isn’t primed for the pastel palette, there’s more options out there. This year, the trend is staying far away from the pales and softs. Instead, it’s going a bit bolder.

  • Emerald Green: Spring means new life for all things green, except for that Christmas tree in your dumpster. Give new life to your home decor with pops of this statement color.
  • Yellow: Sure, a pale yellow can still fit in the realm of pastel, but what about a bright sunny yellow? No dull shades here!
  • Gray: You may be thinking, “That’s a pretty boring suggestion.” Think again and pair shades of gray with hints of pink, white, yellow and maybe even that emerald green.
  • Orange: “Orange” you glad you added in some friendly, bright hues of this snazzy color to your home? Orange sends welcoming vibes and radiates warmth!

Take it Outside:

With all that’s going on in life, you probably won’t have time for a massive spring remodeling project. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t jazz up the place with a few simple changes. Spend a Saturday morning repainting your front door! Maybe an emerald green? Not only does repainting your door help to seal the wood and protect it from the outdoor elements, but it can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home in an instant.

The outdoor areas of your home that feature seating may also need a touch up. For a quick boost on a budget, buy several mismatched, brightly patterned pillows. They’re a great accessory to go with that glass of lemonade…

On a similar note, bring out the colors in those pillows with the addition of several outdoor rugs. Don’t be afraid to go bold with shades of turquoise, orange and red. For many professional home decorators, they believe that the outside of your home should be an extension of the inside. Make it even homier with some potted plants, wicker tables and ambient lighting.

Take out the Trash:

Aside from the pillow arranging and painting, there are a few necessary chores you may need to indulge in around the house. With new seasons comes new cleaning projects and these are just a few:

  • Whack the Weeds: April showers bring May weeds, that’s how the saying goes, right? Cut back that unnecessary overgrowth so your favorite flowers can really shine.
  • Revive and Repot: Potted plants don’t usually live forever, so take a look at any pots that you have lying around that may need a new inhabitant.
  • Love your Lawn: No matter how desperate your lawn may have looked in winter, there is a silver lining that comes in spring. Add in a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer to prep your yard for best in show.
  • Repairing the Roof: We may not have had much snow, but that doesn’t mean you should skip searching for sagging or leaks. Avoid future costly repairs by tackling those minor issues now!

Have any recommendations for sprucing up a home for spring? Let us know!