Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop… too soon? The festivities are in full swing at Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm in Apex. Before you set out on finding the perfect tree, they’ve got a few summer activities up their sleeve. Open now, U-Pick Flowers appointments allow visitors the chance to bring their fall bouquet visions to life. Throughout September, the Falling For Fall event will open the farm up to vendors offering fall decor from candles to homemade pumpkin plushies!

Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm:

Originally planted by owner Mike and Jane Harrell, Byron and Diana bought the farm in 1994 after falling in love with its rustic farmhouse, built circa 1860. 25 years later, the family continues to share that farming tradition with their friends, employees, Apex and surrounding communities. What all started with a Christmas tree farm turned into a well-oiled, year-round operation, offering their guests an invitation in any season of the year. 

During the Christmas season, the farm provides a selection of Virginia Pines, Leyland Cypresses, Carolina Sapphires, Eastern Red Cedars and Blue Ices for the choose and cut service. As for pre-cut trees, they have NC Fraser Firs, Concolor Firs and Blue Spruces on-hand. Pre-cut trees are grown right down the road in North Carolina’s high country. Want to know all the ins and outs of the science behind Christmas tree farming? Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm has the answers!

For those younger guests interested in exploring the farm, the bounce house, swing set and hayrides are among its top attractions. 

U-Pick Flowers:

Sure, giving a fresh bouquet is nice, but what if you built it from the stem up, yourself? Owners Byron and Diana spent the better part of 2020 experimenting with growing flowers. Lovers of fresh flowers as gifts or a brightener to any room, they recognized that this opportunity could be a positive addition to the farm. Here’s how flower selection works:

  • For $20, fit as many flowers as you can into a Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm pitcher. Pitchers are not for sale, they are only used for onsite flower selection. 
  • Premade flowers bouquets are available for $12 and fit a standard 32-ounce mason jar. 

Saturday mornings, visit the Christmas Shop (the red barn) to purchase arranged bouquets or pick your own, when open. Open Saturdays from 8 a.m. – noon, appointments are now available for the u-pick option. Limited appointments are also offered on weekdays. Appointments are $10 and separate from the cost of the flowers selected. Types of flowers available vary from week to week; however, regular updates will be posted on their Facebook. Make sure to bring a clear container to transport flowers and clippers or scissors, if you will be arranging your bouquet on the farm. 

While picking up a floral arrangement, add some homemade candles from Little Sparrows Candle Co. or soaps from Granville County’s Carlee Farms to your cart. Your Christmas gift list will be glad you did! 

Falling for Fall:

Every Saturday until October 3, Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm hosts their Falling For Fall event from 8 a.m. – noon. Whether you are shopping for fall or Christmas, or anywhere in between, their vendors are offering a wide selection of handcrafted goods. Fall fragrance candles, soaps and handmade pumpkin plushies (handmade at Jordan Lake Christmas Farm) are all for sale! So, it looks like fall, smells like fall, it must mean it’s nearly fall in North Carolina!