Best of Chatham: Schneider Stone

Best of Chatham: Schneider Stone

The weather is warmer, flowers are in bloom and students are readying themselves for the reward of summer vacation. All indicators that the months of June, July and August are upon us are reflected in an appetite for dining outdoors, passing an afternoon on the porch or constructing the ultimate neighborhood waterslide in the backyard. Spending more time at home means spending more time mixing lemonade, freezing popsicles and readying for summer barbecues in the kitchen. Schneider Stone is making your granite, marble and quartz countertop dreams come true. Like they say, “Nothing compares to the beauty of natural stone!”

The Beauty of Natural Stone:

From granite, to marble, to soapstone, onyx and travertine, Schneider Stone specializes in bringing the beauty of natural stone into your home. With origins spanning the globe, their distinct cuts and colors cater to all design styles and tastes. Ranging in color, durability and price, the team at Schneider Stone is equipped to assist with your questions and deliver your vision.

Offering other options aside from natural stone, engineered quartz is a man-made stone renowned for its durability, hygiene and resistance to stains. Perfect for countertops or other area surfaces, engineered quartz is a unique alternative to purchasing natural stone. Schneider Stone also offers recycled material countertops, which are made from post-consumer recycled materials, such as glass.

Schneider Stone:

With locations in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Asheboro, Pinehurst and Wilmington, Schneider Stone delivers customized masterpieces to all corners of the state. Using their top-notch manufacturing equipment and templating devices, they are dedicated to craftsmanship, customer service, customer satisfaction and quality materials.

The Process:

Step One: Choose your countertop material by making an appointment to visit Schneider Stone’s fabrication facility or any of their supplier locations.

Step Two: They’ll need blueprints or a hand drawing of your cabinets to best assess how to move forward with the project. Technicians are available to assist in retrieving exact measurements onsite. Additional specs needed include information on your sink, faucet and stove.

Step Three: Based on the provided information above, Schneider Stone will generate your quote. A template technician will then visit to take exact measurements with a digitizer. By using this state-of-the-art tool, the technician will be able to perfect everything needed to bring the project together.

Step Four: Finally, after all the measurements have been assessed, it’s time to bring your material to the fabrication facility. Ensuring complete accuracy, the stone and edges are cut.

Step Five: Once fabrication is complete, a team of certified professionals will deliver and install your countertops!

Get Started:

Start by getting a quote from the comfort of your home. Fill out the form provided on their website and include a simple sketch detailing the shape and estimated dimensions of your space. Free in-home consultations are available!