Truffletopia in Pittsboro

Among the most luxurious of food items, truffles are becoming more common in everyday kitchens. While real truffles are rare, the experience of eating them is unforgettable. Pittsboro-based Truffletopia earned national attention from its co-owner’s appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2017. Now, co-owners Josh Esnard, Tony Huey and Mickey Mitchell are working with European landowners to grow the truffles, while running production from their backyard in Pittsboro. Let’s dig into their story.

The Mission

Truffletopia aspires to build awareness of truffles while maintaining a fully sustainable, organic truffle farm and bringing the rare delicacy to the tables of our local communities.

Truffletopia is a result of the collaborative effort of three families driven by their passion for food and community. College roommates at Florida State University, Tony, Josh and Mickey, cherished their family-style meals of days past. They believe that food unites people and should be accessible to all, not just the affluent. This belief motivated their creation of an affordable line of truffle sauces and oils. Their mission is one that transcends traditional boundaries, encouraging experimentation across various cuisines and cultures. With Truffletopia, they encourage everyone to explore the limitless possibilities of incorporating truffles into everyday meals.

Meet the Owners

Tony Huey, originally from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has a background in business management, working in various locations across the United States in hospitality and medical sales. A love for different cuisines and cultures, inspired by his upbringing and travels, led him to pursue the dream of owning a family truffle farm. Together, with his wife Brittany and their daughter Lily, they moved to North Carolina to make that dream a reality.

Josh Esnard, from Saint Lucia, grew up surrounded by fungi and land development because of his parents’ professions. A successful contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank for The Cut Buddy Shaping Tool, his inventions have been recognized by notable publications. After reconnecting with his wife Jamie in South Florida, they decided to settle in North Carolina to start a family truffle farm, energized by their shared love for truffles, which they discovered on their first date.

Mickey Mitchell, born in the Bronx, found his calling working with his hands, eventually joining the International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union 94 and specializing in high-pressure steam boilers. He and his wife Lizzie dreamed of leaving city life behind, along with their son Luke, to focus on their love of gardening and farming, which led them to partner with Josh and Jamie to start the truffle farm. 

North Carolina Roots

Their location was featured on HGTV’s “Self-Made Mansions,” in an episode where Josh and host Clinton Kelly toured the Pittsboro property. During the show, Josh discovered 26 acres of available land adjacent to the property and immediately called his college friends to visit. Upon their arrival, the former roommates knew this would be the future site of their truffle farm.

Their Products

Truffletopia offers a range of premium truffle products, including truffle oil, truffle sauce, truffle salt, truffle honey, preserved truffles and more. With a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients at accessible prices, Truffletopia ensures that everyone can savor the pure, luxurious taste of truffles.