Picturing Chatham County

Pittsboro, NC — I love beautiful pictures, but I’m not in any way a photographer. That’s why I was thrilled to run across the Chatham County NC group on Flickr.

Seeing the World on Flickr

Flickr, a photo sharing website, has been around since 2004. It’s mostly a hangout for people who are serious about their photography.
Over 40 million photos a month are uploaded to Flickr on average. You can find almost anything: the Blue Grotto, Chicken Croquettes or Clydesdale Motor Trucks.

Flickr is filled with Groups – common interest areas where lots of people contribute photos to one topic. There are groups about flowers, night photography, Paris and yes, kittens.

There’s also a group about Chatham County.

Chatham County NC on Flickr

The Chatham County NC group on Flickr has 72 members who have uploaded over 1,100 photos. Many of them are geotagged, which means they can be displayed on a map.

Browsing through the collection, I saw places I’d visited and things I never knew existed. It was kind of like a trip through my own backyard, but through someone else’s eyes.

Users of Flickr can mark their photos as “All rights reserved” or share them via Creative Commons. But all the photos in Flickr can be displayed with an HTML embed code unless marked as “private.” So, that’s what I’ve done here – grabbed the embed code and chosen some of the most striking photos of Chatham from the group pool.

If anyone objects to usage in this way, just drop me a note.

Thanks to all the photographers who have put together this amazing collection of pictures about Chatham County. I don’t have much to contribute, but maybe you do – check out Chatham NC on Flickr.

Picturing Chatham County

BigTonyB is a frequent contributor to the group. I loved his photo of Jordan Lake:

Jordan Lake

Donald Lee Pardue has also added lots of beautiful photos to the group. I really like his shots:


Here’s another one from Donald:

Night fishing

Milton Brown contributed this photo of the Deep River Camelback Bridge near Bear Creek:

camelback bridge III

Kevin Council add this photo in 2009. Seems like a long time since it has snowed in Chatham.

'Essence of Winter'

Will Sexton took this cool shot of Pittsboro Town Lake:

Pittsboro Town Lake

Chatham Shooter (aka Bill) shared this wonderful photo of Old Fashion Farmers Day in Silk Hope:


Just inside Chatham County’s western border is the town of Bennett. Adam Prince stopped by and posted an image to the group:


Of course, Chatham County isn’t all farmland, woods and villages. Donald Lee Pardue captured this incredible sunrise in the eastern part of the county:

East Chatham Sunrise

If you liked these photos, you should visit the Chatham County NC group on Flickr. There are pictures of Bynum and Bonlee, Clydefest and Chatham Mills, Siler City and Silk Hope and much more.

One more photo to round out the set. Michael Hayes travels Chatham with his dog Eko. Eko has seen a lot. If dogs could talk, I bet he’d tell us he likes what he sees.

The Surveyor


Lead photo of Jordan Lake by Hal Goodtree. Used with permission.