Pittsboro Distillery

Pittsboro Gets a Distillery

Pittsboro, NC — North Carolina has almost 100 craft breweries. But Pittsboro is on the cutting edge of the craft food movement with the announcement that Devil’s Distillery is moving in to town.

Devil’s Distillery

Devil’s Distillery is a collaboration between Andy Zeman, a winemaker in Alamance, and Piedmont Biofuels in Pittsboro. The new distillery will occupy a space adjacent to Piedmont Biofuels.

It’s surely not moonshine, but North Carolina has a long history of distilling alcoholic beverages. Devil’s Distillery plans to make of spirits, port wine and brandy.

Zeman, a retired chemical engineer, started Benjamin Vineyards in Graham, NC in 2002. He produces more than a dozen wines including Chardonnay, Merlot, Seyval Blanc and Scuppernong.

The Foodie Movement in the Triangle

The foodie movement is cooking with gas across the Triangle. From the explosion of farmer’s markets to the expansion of eclectic eateries, the Triangle has been a rising star on the national food scene.

Craft breweries? We’ve got them – there’s Aviator, Lonerider, Bull City, Full Steam, Big Boss, Natty Greene and Carolina Brewery (right here in Pittsboro), to name just a few. Fortnight Brewery in Cary is set to open soon.

Eclectic food markets? Yep, we got them aplenty in the Triangle, from Weaver Street Street to the Grand Asia Market. Speciality cooking items? If you can’t find it at Southern Season, you might try Whisk, newly opened at Waverly Place in Cary.

The Triangle has cheese makers, a Guild-certified French Bakery (La Farm), coffee roasters and a growing fleet of gourmet food trucks.

Craft distilling is the next frontier. North Carolina has fewer than two dozen registered distilleries, but the number is growing. Hand-crafted, small batch spirits and brandies go well with the rising foodies culture in the region.


Benjamin Vineyards and Piedmont Biofuels share a philosophy about sustainability. From Benjamin Vineyards:

Benjamin Vineyards is a “Zero Discharge” facility. All of our agricultural materials are composted and used to enrich the soil of the vineyard. Our paper, glass, cardboard, and wood are recycled at the local county recycling center. We generate no process wastewater from our winery operations. Our vineyards are pesticide-free, and we only use environmentally friendly fungicides. We are active supporters of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and the Haw River Assembly.

Piedmont Biofuels, of course, produces bio-diesel, fuel for cars and trucks made from food scraps and waste like cooking oil.

As well, both companies are active members of the community.

Raise a Glass

According to Devil’s Distillery Facebook page, the operation received a federal permit to produce distilled spirits and hopes to have the state ABC permit by the end of the month.

Don’t know when the tastings will begin, but I’m ready to raise a glass to Pittsboro’s newest business, Devil’s Distillery.

Photo from Devil’s Distillery on Facebook.