Peppercorn is Spicing Up Siler City


Explorers of the 15th century often sought out peppercorn, known as a highly revered and desired spice of the Far East. Many European sailing expeditions lead to the spice, which was the perfect addition to any sweet or savory dish. As we sail into the future, Peppercorn is a brand new restaurant opening in historic downtown Siler City!

The restaurant will open its doors to patrons who are seeking an experience like no other at a reasonable price. Courtyard Coffee and Blue Dot owner, Joan Underwood, looks forward to inviting you to visit with her experienced staff and taste her unrivaled dishes!

The Menu:

While dining at Peppercorn, you can expect to find a variation of sandwiches, salads, Panini, soups and desserts- the perfect spread for a diverse appetite! The draft menu serves to incorporate tastes from a wide range of flavors, whether they are traditional or modern. Look forward to a dinner menu featuring additional options, if what you are looking for is a unique dining opportunity.

Beer and wine will also be served within the venue, contributing to the inviting social atmosphere. Upon your first visit, Underwood recommends you try the tofu banh mi and the almond cake with fruit sauce!

The Venue:

In the heart of historic downtown Siler City, Peppercorn will feature grand windows, perfect for a glimpse at nearby galleries. The historic elements of the building will have you not only admiring the food, but the architecture as well.

Underwood is hopeful that her endeavors will be a great addition to the unique flavor of Siler City and its community. She is working alongside local residents and Slow Money of NC to ensure a successful opening and a successful future for Peppercorn.

Not to mention, if you are planning an event in the future, consider Peppercorn for your venue!

The Schedule:

Looking for a late lunch option? Peppercorn will not be closing at midday! Tentative hours will be from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Watch out for more details about the timeline for Peppercorn’s opening and its finalized menu!