IndyCare - Health at Home

IndyCare – Health at Home

Hillsborough-based urgent care and walk-in clinic, IndyCare, is providing community access to in-person visits, scheduled preventative health check-ups and telehealth appointments. In the midst of all the uncertainty we are facing, be certain that your health is made a priority. Video visits, COVID-19 rapid testing and medication delivery are available to keep you well, even at home. On the frontlines, the team at IndyCare is dedicated to your needs, seven days a week. Book your appointment today!

Virtual Health Services – What to Expect:

Have you ever visited a doctor via webcam? While it is a new experience for most of us, the process is easy to schedule, navigate and operate. Before booking your appointment online, prepare yourself to answer a series of questions about your recent health and medical history.

The virtual exam may include instructions from your physician including checking for swelling or tenderness of the lymph nodes, sinus pressure and a skin examination for visible rashes. It’s like your average check-up visit to the doctor, just in your pajamas! If your physician prescribes a treatment at the end of your visit, a pharmacy staff member will deliver your medications directly to your door. Rapid flu testing and directions on completing the test will be distributed if reported symptoms are flu-like. IndyCare is at your front stoop with the tools you need to feel better, except for the chicken noodle soup.

COVID-19 Back-to-Work Program:

Once the stay-at-home order has been lifted, businesses will be in need of a safe strategy to begin bringing employees back to work. Rapid serology testing, isolation and monitoring protocols allow businesses to create healthy environments for their clients and employees. While the initial focus will be directed toward essential businesses, eventually, non-essential businesses will follow the back-to-work program. IndyCare provides customized advice on following program protocol, depending on the specific needs of each employer.

Serial antibody testing, the first element of the back-to-work program, will determine the antibody status of the employee in distinguishing susceptible individuals versus those with a more protected immune system. The second element of the program, employee monitoring and an infection control plan, will monitor the signs and symptoms of possible infection to prevent its spread in the workplace. A back-to-work protocol will then be set in place to clear employees to return to their workplace.

For More Information:

Text CORONA to 1-833-574-0906 for free COVID-19 screenings. Due to concerns about COVID-19, most insurance companies will cover telehealth visits. Telehealth appointments are not available for pregnant women, residents of nursing homes and other long-term health facilities or individuals living with a weakened immune system.