A Game Night Remix

The essence of creativity has become more important now than ever in keeping the days occupied and minds sufficiently stimulated. Although webinars, phone calls and streaming platforms will never quite compare to the genuinity of in-person interactions, they will suffice for now. When all the movies have been watched, all the books on the shelf have been perused and all of the blocks in the neighborhood have been walked time and time again, what comes next? Luckily, there is no shortage of free entertainment at your fingertips. Game night is back and, just maybe, better than ever.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends:

From the creators of the app-based game, Heads Up!, Psych! is a free party game like no other. Brainchild of entertainer Ellen Degeneres, Psych! is a fast-paced game that consists of players answering sets of trivia questions; however, the correct answer is among many false, often hilarious, answers submitted by the other players. Can you fool your friends? Can you identify the correct answer? It’s harder than you think…

The app offers a variety of themed decks to choose from, such as Movie Plots, Random Facts or Obscure Laws. While some of the decks come with a small price tag, of the most entertaining free decks involves coming up with answers to game-generated questions about other players, such as “What scares (player name) the most?” If your answer is selected as the best by the most players, you win the round! Quickly becoming one of the most popular quarantine games of 2020, it only takes a 20-second download to find out what you are missing out on! 

Words With Friends:

If you are a fan of Scrabble, Bananagrams or any size or shape of crossword puzzle, this is the app for you and all of your friends! The most popular virtual word game, Words With Friends gives players a selection of tiles, which will be placed on the board to create words. Using bonus squares to earn extra points, players race to create words that will earn high point values. Arguably the best part of the app includes an in-game chat feature in which players can communicate or challenge the words that other plays create.

Whether you are playing with the people living under your roof or friends living on the other side of the country, use words to stay connected! 

Pokémon GO:

While you may consider this a craze of the past, Pokémon GO is resurfacing in neighborhoods across America, providing both entertainment and a healthy dose of exercise to its players. This game is, truly, all about the hunt. Explore and discover Pokémon creatures, wherever you live, in Pokémon Gyms scattered throughout your geographical surroundings.

Downloaded over one billion times, you can team up with friends or players around the world to catch the most powerful Pokémon characters. Free to play, spend an afternoon, or several, catching Pokémons and battling to make your Pokémon collection that much stronger. Get out of the house and go play! 

Virtual Trivia:

Yet another craze sweeping the internet amidst social distancing, virtual trivia has become more relevant now than ever. Using apps like Houseparty, Zoom or Google Hangout, you can instantly host game night with relatives near and far. Our recommendation goes to QuizUp, a virtual trivia app in which you can compete against other players in real time. Named “the biggest trivia game in the world,” the app is a free, multiplayer trivia game.

With topics for every interest, you can take on brain teasers with millions of other players. A combination of social media networking and trivia, meet like-minded people, or duel for bragging rights against your family and friends!