Tiger Day Fun Run

Tiger Day Fun Run

The big cats who earned their claim to fame on Netflix’s hit show, “Tiger King,” are now living comfortably at the Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro. Joining with other animal sanctuaries around the country, the Carolina Tiger Rescue is one organization of many working to provide adequate care for these cats, along with many others. How can you support the well-being of the cats who call Carolina Tiger Rescue home? Sign up for the Tiger Day 5K – Virtual Fun Run, taking place July 22 – 29!

Race Information:

Think you can run faster than a tiger? Let’s put it to the test. Being a virtual race, you can run from anywhere, your neighborhood, your favorite trail or through the Serengeti. Run with your friends, run with your family or compete against yourself! Register today to start building your team, with a sign-up fee of $35, all proceeds directly benefit the Carolina Tiger Rescue. Create a team of up to five people and communicate with them directly through the fundraising platform.

Registration includes a race shirt, which can be picked up at several locations or mailed to you, a digital bib and a swag bag. Though this is a “fun run,” participants are still encouraged to share their race times and photos with Carolina Tiger Rescue, using the hashtag #TigerDay5K. You don’t have to run to support the tigers! You can simply make a donation online, without any running involved. For additional information on involvement, contact [email protected].

Track Your Run:

While tracking your time is not required to participate, you can use one of several apps to do so. Using Map My Run, Pacer Pedometer, RunKeeper or Zombies, Run!, you can track your time and progress. Remember, running is optional. Tigers like to stroll and speed walk too! Train alongside your teammates or friends to keep each other motivated along the way.

International Tiger Day:

The Tiger Day 5K – Virtual Fun Run, which runs July 22 – 29, leads up to International Tiger Day on July 29. Celebrated since its beginnings at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, International Tiger Day is focused on raising awareness of the decline of wild tiger numbers. Though July 29 is but one day of the year, there are many steps you can take year-round to support this endangered species.

Every hour, the amount of land equivalent to 300 football fields is cleared for palm oil plantations, destroying tiger habitats in their wake. Because palm oil is used in nearly 50% of all household products, make sure to read ingredient labels before purchasing a product that could be destroying an important habitat. Speaking of household products, if your home starts each day with coffee, purchase sustainably-sourced coffee, like Rainforest Alliance-certified products. You can also look for Forest Stewardship Council-certified products that are made of 100% recycled tissue materials, saving rainforest habitats that are destroyed to create cheap paper products.

One of the more obvious precautions is avoiding the exotic animal trade, refraining from purchasing or selling any illegal wildlife goods. Spread the word in your communities about how mankind can take these steps to preserve other living beings!

Carolina Tiger Rescue:

“The Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.” The team at the Carolina Tiger Rescue is committed to conserving natural habitats for wildlife and treating all wildlife with the utmost respect.