Best of Chatham: Chatham Carpet & Interiors

For nearly 50 years, Chatham Carpet & Interiors has been serving their local community, providing only the best in carpet, wood, vinyl, sundries and laminate products. Located at 50 Still Waters Drive in Siler City, their experienced team is available to bring your design visions to life. You can rely on their professional staff, customer service, reasonable prices, expansive inventory and available warranties, all locally-owned and operated. Visit their showroom or contact the help center for more information on getting started!

The Company:

Since 1975, Chatham Carpet & Interiors has been family owned and operated, bringing the best of customer service to their area clients. A fully licensed and insured establishment, you can walk away feeling confident in the quality of your purchase. High quality does not always have to mean high costs. Their location’s low overhead cost and high-volume purchasing allows for lower prices. From selecting a design, to purchasing, to installation, their staff is on call to make the experience as seamless as possible. Hundreds of colors and styles are available to choose from, with a large selection of in-stock materials, including special value remnants and odd-lot materials. 

From the world’s leading manufacturers, you have quite the product selection to choose from. Before diving in, take a look at their photo gallery for some pre-shopping inspiration.

Product Lines:

This is where style and creativity collaborate. Though carpeting is at the forefront of their business, and their name, their expertise does not stop there. For smaller spaces, you may be considering a patterned or neutral area rug. Adapting to the trend of hardwood and vinyl flooring paired with an area rug, their showroom is stocked with rug samples. Place an order for additional styles and sizes you may not see on the showroom floor. An area rug can be much more than a design piece, it can become a family heirloom, add warmth to a space or be used simply to cover up problem areas on the flooring areas below. 

Carpeting, the main attraction, is a bit more involved. A timeless floor covering, carpet can absorb sound, add depth to a room or aid in your routine house chores, with soil, stain, odor and static-resistant features. Commercial and residential options are available, with varying installation methods from room-sized loose-laid or wall-to-wall permanent installation over cushioning. Employ darker colors to enhance the coziness of a room or brighter colors to play to a room’s natural light.

Choosing to go off the beaten path, you may elect to walk on natural stone flooring, from rustic to contemporary styling. Or, maybe your lifestyle calls for waterproof flooring. Easy to clean and stain resistant, vinyl flooring is considered resilient. Elect for maximum durability, even when the dogs, the grandkids and their remote-controlled cars are at play. Vinyl/resilient flooring is the best of all worlds: beauty, low maintenance and durability. Did we mention affordability? Laminate flooring is another great alternative, mimicking wood, stone and ceramic tile styles at a fraction of the cost. With laminate, you can walk on your new floor immediately, no drying time needed! 

For durability’s sake, if you are looking for the best of the best, look no further than ceramic and porcelain tile options. Scratch resistant, temperature tolerant and stain resistant, you can effortlessly clean tile. Not only does tile last much longer than other flooring options, it is an environmentally-safe choice! 

And last, but not least, let’s take a look at the wood flooring options, a forever classic. Wood flooring, timeless as it is, increases the value of your home and adds to the decor potential for future buyers. Chatham Carpet & Interiors notes that in a recent national survey, 90% of real estate agents reported that homes with wood flooring sell faster and at a higher profit. Practical and easy to care for, choose the stain, finish, style and design that fits your unique home and taste. If maintained properly, wood flooring will never have to be replaced. 

Installation Materials:

Now that you have chosen the main character for your room, it’s time for installation. Chatham Carpet & Interiors has the installation systems, adhesives and products to make your project stress-free. Their expert installation services save you time, money and ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Going Green:

Building sustainably means choosing sustainable materials. Eco-friendly flooring options in cork, bamboo, linoleum and hardwood are available. Flooring that is environmentally-responsible is made of recycled or reused materials, promoting high indoor air quality and a longer floor lifespan. 

Cork flooring is made from leftover material from the manufacturing of wine stoppers. Finished with a durable and resilient coating, cork flooring is renowned for its versatility, durability and hypoallergenic features. Equally durable, bamboo flooring is topped with a polyurethane coating and produced from a rapidly renewing resource that regenerates without replanting. From a similar background, hardwood flooring can be considered an environmentally-friendly option, but consumers must closely inspect brands and certification labels to ensure its level of sustainability. Lastly, you may consider linoleum, made from abundant natural materials that can be recycled and are fully biodegradable. At Chatham Carpet & Interiors, their experts can guide you in the direction of a more sustainable home, without sacrificing your aesthetic.