Best of Chatham: Parks Painting

Did you know that the oldest house paints were made of milk, lime and honey? In fact, King Tut’s tomb was painted with milk-based paint. We aren’t saying you need to head to the farmer’s market to gather supplies for a new exterior look, but it’s nice to learn new trivia! The color of your house can say a lot. For example, historically speaking, a red door has symbolized a safe stop for travelers or having fully paid off a mortgage. Whatever statement you are looking to make, Parks Painting invites the Pittsboro, Chapel Hill and surrounding communities to “roll with the best.”

About Parks Painting:

From commercial, to residential, to industrial projects, you’ll “roll with the best” when you choose Parks Painting. An area staple for 50 years, their mission is rooted in quality, sustainability and affordability. Like any great work of art, the quality lies in the attention to detail and that is exactly what Parks Painting seeks to provide. Offering a customized experience for projects and budgets of all sizes and budgets, the level of craftsmanship and quality never waivers. 


According to research conducted by Zillow, there are certain home colors that can increase the value of your home, like powder blue and periwinkle for the bathroom, shades of brown for the living room and “greige,” or a mixture of light gray and beige hues, for the exterior. Choosing the right colors for your home is an investment and Parks Painting has the resources to make that investment a successful one. 

  • Commercial: Your office space is your home away from home. That’s why Parks Painting is ready to transform your space into an escape from the monotony of being behind the desk. Simply choose the color scheme of your liking and Parks Painting will get to work, without getting in your way. 
  • Industrial: Who says warehouses, factories and large buildings can’t look aesthetically pleasing? With the experience needed to tackle projects of this magnitude, Parks Painting is dedicated to providing a high level of attention and detail to buildings both old and new. 
  • Residential: The slightly more obvious offering, Parks Painting is ready to make your home pop, in your exterior and interior spaces. If you’re looking to sell or simply looking for something new, refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint. 

Previous projects worked on by Parks Painting include the Chatham County Courthouse, UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Kenan Memorial Stadium and a chapel in Pittsboro. That’s a wide variety of jobs well done, even if you lean towards Duke blue or Wolfpack red! Regardless of the project or the paint color, environmental coating is used on every paint job. That’s your satisfaction guaranteed. 

Parks Window Cleaning:

They’re known for their painting services, but their window cleaning offerings are new to the company, as of summer of 2020. What is pure water window cleaning? It’s a method of window cleaning that involves stripping tap water of naturally-occuring minerals, measured using total dissolved solids. In a process known as deionization, the water dries spotlessly on the windows, without the use of chemical additives. New paint and clean windows? Your home will be the talk of the block! 


It’s time to get to work. Well, it’s time to put Parks Painting to work. To get started, fill out the contact form on their website or call (919)-260-1981. We can’t wait to see the results!