Healthily in Love

Healthily in Love

It’s our job to help you find a house that you’ll fall in love with. You could say we’re a matchmaking business of sorts. That said, we take Valentine’s Day seriously around here. What better way to celebrate this day than with some fun facts of the romantic variety? And if you’re still looking for that soulmate, a brick-and-mortar soulmate, we’re professionals in finding you true love.

Happy, Healthy Kissing:

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Is this about to get really weird, really fast? Maybe. Are you about to have the best conversation starter for your candlelit dinner this evening? Most definitely. And if you think we’re making all of this up, just ask WebMD. Anyway, kissing, at its core, engages various psychological and physiological processes, helping to boost your immunity along the way.

Let’s start with the teeth, for example. The act of kissing helps to break down oral plaque, with all that extra saliva in the works. What about the face muscles you’re exercising? You may burn up to two calories per minute of kissing; however, this is one exercise you may not want to bring to the gym.

In addition to our physical health, kissing can positively impact our mental health by reducing stress and relieving tension. The physiological processes that take place while kissing are compared to those that occur during meditation, quieting the mind and feeling present in the moment. Heck, there are so many benefits to kissing that even most animals do it! Turtles and cats rub noses, birds tap their bills together and chimpanzees will kiss on the lips!

What About Love?:

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Now that we know all about the health benefits of kissing, let’s talk love, or the science of being in love. Scientists say that health benefits can be attributed to calmer, more stable, loving relationships, not necessarily the fiery, passionate affairs. Feeling connected and feeling valued can improve anyone’s sense of well-being, whether that relationship is cultivated with a friend, with a parent or with a spouse.

According to WebMD, research shows that married individuals have fewer visits to the doctor each year and significantly shorter hospital stays. People in loving relationships tend to exhibit more positive emotions, contributing to a decline in contracting cold or flu viruses. That positivity also contributes to the faster healing of wounds. So, as they say, love heals all.

Married individuals are also less likely to suffer from severe depression or substance abuse, especially in younger adults. In that same ballpark, happily married folks tend to have better blood pressure, as do singles with a strong social network. And, there is the added benefit of having less anxiety in general! Those in long-term relationships are activating an area of the brain associated with bonding, an area that is less involved in producing anxiety. Put your love, and health, to the test!

Happy Valentine’s Day:

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Your stress levels are reduced, you have better oral hygiene, it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. How did this holiday come to be in the first place? Every February 14, across the globe, loved ones celebrate in the name of St. Valentine, a symbol of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions. Much mystery surrounds St. Valentine and the Catholic Church names three different individuals who are linked to the origins of Valentine’s Day. Some believe the holiday is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the death of St. Valentine. Others believe the holiday was strategically placed the day before the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, a fertility festival, by the Catholic Church.

Lupercalia was eventually outlawed as a holiday. Valentine’s Day greetings began to surface in the Middle Ages, with actual Valentines starting to appear in the 1400s. By the 17th century. Valentine’s Day started to gain popularity, solidifying the tradition of sharing tokens of love with loved ones.

Keep the celebration alive, share the love! Happy Valentine’s Day from our team to you!