Cozy at Home

There are scientific benefits to feeling cozy, and that starts at home. What makes a house feel like home? What makes a space feel cozy? According to the experts, the way our homes look can directly affect how we feel. While we all differ in our preferences and tastes, there are some overarching design trends that may be more likely to make you feel a bit closer home.

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(Trick or) Treat Yourself

How did trick-or-treating become a Halloween tradition? The century-old tradition we practice of ringing a doorbell and requesting treats has roots in ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays and medieval practices. Through the years, the trick-or-treat industry has left its mark on commerce, with Americans spending an estimated $3.1 billion on Halloween candy, according to the National Retail Federation.

An empty bucket in hand, where is your family collecting tricks or treats? Instead of spending hours searching for the house with the good candy, stop by one of these community events for your fill!

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Hello Gourd-geous

We’re in a scary good mood. Why? Because it’s spooky season. To get in the spirit, we are sharing our upcoming event picks to get you in the spirit. Before we give away all our treats, we’ll start with a riddle. What do you call a skeleton that makes you laugh and giggle when you are sad? There’s your trick, keep reading for a treat!

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