Pittsboro Skatepark?

Pittsboro, NC – You know you live in a good town when private citizens take the initiative to create something good for everyone. That’s why I love the grassroots effort to build a Pittsboro Skatepark.

What’s a Skatepark?

Skate parks are facilities specially designed for skateboarding and skate sports. The often have half-pipes, ramps and jumps. Cary has a Sk8 park that includes spectator seating and a small merchandise store. They run camps, competitions and “open skates” throughout the year.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something like that in Pittsboro?

Here’s a design for a skate park in California.

This skate park in Richmond, CA could be a model for one in Pittsboro, NC.

A Place for Kids

Skateparks fill an elusive need in communities – a place for teens and tweens to hang out, have fun and be safe. Skateboarding started with the guys, but now is very popular with girls.

It’s healthy, active and gives young skate athletes a safer place to practice than outside a strip mall or in the street.

A Website of Its Own

PittsboroSkatepark.com is leading the charge to create this facility in Pittsboro. They have a sample skate park design (above), discussion about location, a petition you can sign and a Facebook page.

They are also selling groovy Pittsboro skateboards to raise money (just the plank – add your own wheels). Great gift for your skating child in support of an exciting project. They’re $50 – includes free shipping.

Good for Pittsboro

It’s a good reflection on our community when people volunteer to take on big projects. Visit PittsboroSkatepark and lend your support.