Twitter Tools – Testing 1 2 3

Pittsboro, NC – Do you automatically republish your blog to Twitter? You should! It’s a great way to reach a new audience.

For many months, we’ve been using Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin that automatically tweets your posts. Just recently, I noticed it wasn’t working.

Maybe it was the upgrade to WP 3.05? Nope. Turned out to be changes in how Twitter authenticates incoming feeds.

The process to re-link the blog and Twitter is a bit cumbersome (ok, a total pain in the butt) involving four “secret keys” and a blood sample. Just kidding about the blood sample. But the process is too hard if I had to get a developer involved.

Nonetheless, all is squared away once again (fingers crossed) and this is a test post to see if it works.

Do you use Twitter Tools? Do you republish your blog feed? If you’re a hyperlocalista in North Carolina, drop me a note.

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