Winter Golf: Tee to Green

Apex, NC –  For me, golf is a year-round sport. Last year, I wrote about Winter Golf in Chatham County. Now, I’d like to tell you about one of my secrets for keeping that golf-edge in winter: Tee to Green Practice Range and Golf Shop.

Tee to Green

You may have seen Tee to Green or passed right by it on U.S. 64 in Apex. It looks like just another driving range. Let me tell you, it’s a driving range like no other.

The one-acre, all-grass teeing area (a.k.a. driving range) is open year-round. It has special golf lighting for night practice (helpful during the short days of winter).

If you just want to get out there and hit some balls, it’s a good  way to get out of the house in winter and a very pleasant experience.

Small Bucket – $7.00/45 balls
Medium Bucket – $9.00/75 balls
Large Bucket – $11.00/120 balls

PGA Level Pros

Tee to Green is home to Rob and Rick Stitzer.  Rob is a Class A PGA Professional and has been a Head Golf Professional at many private facilities.  Rick has had over 20 years management experience in the golf industry.

They offer golf lessons from 1 hour lessons to packages that contain 3 or 5 lessons. You can get private lessons, couples instruction or special rates for kids.

Private Lessons
$150.00 Pkg of 3 lessons

Couple Lessons
$210. Pkg of 3 lessons

Junior Lessons
$135. Pkg of 3

Club Fitting

One of my favorite amenities at Tee to Green is the club-fitting service. I can tell you from personal experience that you can’t perfect your swing with the wrong size club.

But club-fitting is both an art and a science. Fortunately for those of us in the Triangle, Tee to Green was named one of America’s Top 100 Club Fitters by Golf Digest in 2011.

The Tee to Green staff uses the ultimate determining factor in fitting a golf club – analyzing ball flight. They are experts in matching up the golfer with the perfect club. Club fitting is $60.00 on a single club, $80.00 on a set of irons and $150.00 on a full set (other than Trackman fitting)

Trackman Launch Monitor 

Take your club-fitting one step farther with the Trackman Launch Monitor. This is a super-cool service where science-fiction meets your golf swing.

Trackman is doppler radar that tracks your ball from when it is hit until when it lands. It is accurate to within a foot. This monitor is used on the PGA Tour and every manufacturer uses it for R&D testing on their equipment. Learn more about Trackman.

Finally, they also are home to a great selection of new and used golf equipment and on-site club repair.

Online Shop

Tee to Green even has an online shop with new, used and closeout clubs.

Get Out and Golf

Even if you don’t like winter golf, you can still get out and hit some balls. If you haven’t tried Tee to Green, it’s worth the trip. 

Tee to Green Practice Range and Golf Shop
3501 US Hwy 64W
Apex, NC   27523


Photo by Doug.