Fall Has Arrived

It’s October in Chatham County! Cue the pumpkin, fall colors, cooler outdoor temperatures, and one of my personal favorites: Halloween!

There are several things to cover in this blog post, but before I dive in, I wanted to brag about a new Chatham County award. According to Business Insider, we host the most educated town in North Carolina. The tiny Fearrington Village — population 2,600 — has a higher percentage of residents who have earned a bachelor’s degree than anywhere else in the state. Congratulations, Fearrington!

With that said, let’s move on to some updates in the area.


With the cooler temperatures, we can all spend more time outside. Take advantage of these two new updates to the biking community in Chatham County:

  • Bike Hub Store: Located in Chapel Hill, this new store offers every bicycle part you could want. Pull that old bike out of the garage. Haven’t ridden it in ten years? No problem — the staff at Bike Hub Store will get you fixed right away. You’ll be flying through Chatham County in no time. There’s a reason they say “It’s just like riding a bike…”
  • Triangle Off-Road Cycling: TORC-NC is a volunteer organization dedicated to protecting the future of off-road cycling in the Triangle area. Durham, Wake, Orange and Chatham Counties have several networks of mountain biking trails, including Lake Crabtree and Harris Lake County Park. Recently, TORC-NC has been making a push to bring together the mountain biking community in the Triangle. They plan to offer youth mountain rides, events and races, including youth cyclocross. Currently, TORC-NC hosts group rides a LOT. Check out their MeetUp page if you want to join!

Drink N’ Think:

Hosted by Fair Game Beverage Company in Pittsboro, the new “Drink n’ Think” workshops are led by local mixologist/storyteller Gary Phillips and Dr. Colbey Reid. If you’ve ever had questions about the distilling, fortifying, blending or aging process, these workshops are for you. Also, because the workshops will also cover the religious and civil traditions behind the Southern attitude toward spirits, this event will appeal to any history enthusiast.

Plus, who doesn’t love to sample wine and cocktails?


Later this month, I’m going to blog about Halloween in more detail, but until then, make sure you head to these October Chatham County locations:

  • Huckleberry Trail Farm: Challenge yourself to complete the 4.5 acre corn maze, or have a laugh at the duck races. Relax with a game of corn hole or a hay ride, and wrap up the day with a hay bale photo! It’s the ultimate way to get into the fall spirit.
  • Hollywood Horror Show: With heart-stopping events that are scary just to read about (like a Horror version of Cabaret), this Snow Camp, NC location will frighten even the bravest soul. Browse a Hearse Car Show or take a ride “from the funeral home to your grave.” No matter what you do, you’ll surely be very, very scared.

Stay tuned for more Halloween attractions and events!


Photo credit: Coney Beare