Beat the Heat, Run for Tigers

For many of you who spent countless hours on the couch binge-watching the Netflix documentary Tiger King, the majestic cats most likely piqued your interest. While Chatham County’s Carolina Tiger Rescue has no association with the docuseries, their starring characters are very much the same – the tigers. As a nonprofit, wildlife sanctuary, their mission is rooted in the protection of wild cats in captivity and in the wild. Though you are unlikely to save a tiger in your own neck of the woods, you can help their team in their quest!

About the Carolina Tiger Rescue:

It’s more than just loving big cats, they are on a mission to save and protect wild cats across the globe. In order for these animals to survive in the wild, we must preserve their natural habitats. Without sustainable habitats, their lives are at risk. Not meant as pets, the Carolina Tiger Rescue is an advocate for treating tigers with respect, not as a form of entertainment. So, where do you come into play?

The Carolina Tiger Rescue offers educational opportunities for the public to learn about conservation methods through field trips, summer camps and internships. In teaching to advocate for the lives of the tigers they aim to protect, the Carolina Tiger Rescue informs how daily activities and decisions may be impactful. Learn about the harmful nature of cub petting, photo businesses and breeding for commercial purposes. Your choices do make a difference!

Their role becomes a voice for the animals who lack one. Their team assists legislators and policy makers in order to prioritize public safety and animal welfare. Now that you know more about what they stand for, you know what to “run” for! 

Tiger Day 5K:

From Friday, July 24 until Friday, July 29, you can support the mission of the Carolina Tiger Rescue and it all starts with lacing up those sneakers. Don’t worry, you won’t be running from any tigers! Be part of the first-ever Tiger Day 5K, with all proceeds going to support the tiger sanctuary in Chatham County. Hey, they’re your neighbors too! 

Walk, run or bike your 5K on your own time during that week and celebrate your achievement at the virtual celebration on July 29, or as some may know it as International Tiger Day. The registration fee is $35 and includes a commemorative t-shirt for all race participants.

If you are wanting to pay a visit to the cats you helped support, tours are available at a limited capacity. Virtual field trips are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or hop on their livestream on Facebook Monday through Friday at 9:30 a.m.!

Virtual Field Trips:

You can visit with tigers from the comfort of your own home! Visit with ten different species, all with unique rescue stories that brought them to the sanctuary. These 30-minute lessons are catered to your interests and include a pre- or post- lesson activity led by a member of their education department. The minimum payment for a virtual field trip is $50 for up to 30 minutes and $25 for each additional 15 minutes. Be prepared to schedule your “trip” one month in advance.

For school affiliated, homeschool and non-school affiliated groups for up to 30 students, Field Trips to Go is your best option. This program can be used in addition to a visit to the Carolina Tiger Rescue or its own event. Designed to meet all grade level standards, staff members or trained volunteers lead students in lessons customized to your class curriculum. Field Trips to Go can be scheduled from Wednesday to Friday throughout the year and the minimum payment is $75 for up to 30 students, an extra $50 is required for 30 additional students.