Pick Your Own Adventure

Fresh air and fresh fruit is arguably one of the best combinations of summer. This season, many of our household traditions have been altered. One of which will not be compromised is berry picking! Chatham County and its surrounding communities are home to a plethora of pick-your-own berry patches and farms, supplying you with a dose of sunshine, a dose of fun and the major ingredient for your next homemade cobbler. 

Armed with a bucket and a supply of sunscreen, head out to the open fields for an afternoon escape. Find the taste of summer in your backyard!

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The Buzz About Bees In Chatham County

Pittsboro, NC – Busy as a bee. That’s me! Mostly I am interested in the Real Estate buzz going on around Chatham County, but recently I met some folks interested in the buzzing of bees. Yes honey, I’m talking about beekeepers. This is an actual hobby to some and a full time job to others. So I thought I would share some information about our busy Chatham County bees. Read more