A Haw River Getaway

The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. has been introducing paddlers to one of the Piedmont region’s most dynamic rivers in the form of canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Trips cover 3 to 11-mile segments of the river and vary from Alamance County to Chatham County. Guided trips offer a wide range of lessons for both beginner and experienced individuals. Summer camps and courses are also offered for those who have a peaked interest in both the sport and the river itself.

This summer, see why The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. calls the Haw River their home away from home and how you can too!

Paddle Trips:

When choosing a trip, paddlers must consider first, the length of the trip, second, their own physical ability, third, the class of water, fourth, the type of trip, and fifth, the type of boat. Short trips usually last 1-2 hours, half-day trips at 2.5-4 hours, full-day trips of 4.5-6 hours and overnight camping trips are offered as well. Guided trips average about 2-3 hours. In assessing your own physical capability, also consider what type of excitement you would like to experience on the river, such as Class III rapids. While you may enjoy exploring this territory alone, some may prefer a guided trip, offered for 4 or more paddlers with an added fee of $5 per person, to meet new people and to learn more about the history of the river!

Finally, make sure you make the right decision when deciding between a canoe, a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard. Choosing the right boat that fits your comfort level could make a significant difference in your trip experience. While all trips include the boat, paddles, personal flotation devices and shuttle service, it is best to register or call ahead to plan your trip!

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Classes are offered for canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for paddlers who are interested in enhancing their skill set on the water. The Quick Start Stand-Up Paddleboard class is a great way to get involved in nature, while learning the basic positions and movements of the board. The Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga class is offered as a challenge to those who are looking to step out of their comfort zone and get a great core workout.

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There are a variety of kayak classes that are offered, such as Quick Start for Kayak, Introduction to Recreational Kayaking, Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking, Kayak Roll Classes & Practice, Introduction to Sea Kayaking and Private Kayak Instruction. Depending on your interests and skill level, there is something for everyone to try!

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Finally, canoe classes feature courses, such as Quick Start for Canoe, Introduction to River Canoeing, Basic River Safety, Fundamentals of Whitewater Canoeing and Private Canoe Instruction! Don’t hesitate to get one of these trips on your calendar today!

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Summer Camps:

If you are interested in a more immersive experience, then Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. recommends that you explore their Summer Adventure Camp or their Summer Paddle Camp! Both camps offer half-day and full-day options, as well plenty of land and water adventures. From $195/week per child for half-day camps to $250/week per child for full-day camps, campers will be engaged in a unique summer experience for a great price! Learn outdoor living skills, paddling skills and conservation efforts through an in-depth exploration of the Haw River!

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Upcoming Events:

Are you ready to plan your next trip down the Haw River? Register for a trip on the Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co.’s Paddle Calendar. If you do not see the trip that you are interested in requesting, you may register for it and it will be added to the schedule upon approval. Make sure to register further in advance, to have optimal choices in trip scheduling! Also, take notice of inclement weather conditions, as they may affect your upcoming trip.

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