Back in Season for the Cape Fear River

Back in Season for the Cape Fear River

Attention everyone: Cape Fear River Adventures is now open for the spring and summer seasons! This time, they are partnering up with Endor Paddle to bring you a variation of exciting excursions to experience the river the best way possible. There’s no better place to be than under the North Carolina sun in a kayak or a river tube. What are you waiting for? Start paddling!

Endor Paddle:

Endor Paddle is bringing the adventure right to your backyard. Located in Sanford, NC, they offer four styles of river trips guaranteed to optimize your warm weather seasons.

River Tubing:

For this activity, there is no paddling involved. All you’ll have to do is simply float by 2.1 miles of scenic wildlife and historic attributes of the Cape Fear. Fill your cooler tube with plenty of snacks and kick back. It’s even better than the movie theater! As with all of their river trips, make sure to wear closed-toe shoes as well as plenty of sunscreen. You don’t want your trip souvenir to be sunburn!

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Fun Fact: The Cape Fear River swims through over 200 miles of the North Carolina piedmont region.

Lil’ Ripple:

Ever wanted to experience 20th century train trestles and Native American fish traps by kayak or tube? Well maybe you’ve never thought of it, but now you have! Get ready to explore the 2.1 miles spanning between the Endor Paddle Highway 421 Access to the Camelback Ridge.

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Fun Fact: As the largest river system in North Carolina, the Cape Fear River covers roughly 9,000 square miles, which – if you’re doing the math – is about 17% of the state’s land area.

River Bend:

River bend

With adventure right around the river bend, what are you waiting for? This 6.5-mile expedition will take you from the historic Gulf Mill to the Camelback Bridge in about 2 to 3 hours. Hold on to your…kayaks…because there are class I rapids on your way.

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Fun Fact: The river itself functions as a nursery for fish, craps and shrimp. Who knows what you may see along the way!


You may be a paddling pro, or just looking for a challenge, if you are ready to ride the 12.5-mile “Navigator” stretch. Start your journey at the historic Carbonton Dam, used for many generations as a way to generate power. Once you’ve traveled the river, and pausing for a pit stop on a small island, you’ve reached the Camelback Bridge. You definitely won’t want to forget your sunscreen for this one!

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Fun Fact: Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to reach the Cape Fear, where Wilmington is currently located. The river was given its name due to the nature of its treacherous waters.