It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Resolution Season

Ah, it’s finally that time of the year when we can all hit the reset button on future goals and milestones we’d like to achieve in the next 12 months. Whatever did not get accomplished in 2019 is in the past. For many, the same goals are set year after year with little desire to make real progress. What if you could get started today? Whatever your goal is, there is a resource in Chatham County to achieve it. 

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The Buzz About Bees In Chatham County

Pittsboro, NC – Busy as a bee. That’s me! Mostly I am interested in the Real Estate buzz going on around Chatham County, but recently I met some folks interested in the buzzing of bees. Yes honey, I’m talking about beekeepers. This is an actual hobby to some and a full time job to others. So I thought I would share some information about our busy Chatham County bees. Read more

Local Crafters at Chatham Marketplace

Pittsboro, NC – I love stopping by the Chatham Marketplace for lunch or to pick up some great local produce. If you have never been, you must go. And why not go this week? They have a bunch of local crafters coming by each day until December 20th. Read more